About Us

This will always be a journey.

To find new dimensions, resolve some puzzles, build new bridges.

THOUGHT FLOWS is a solution center, a Branding, Thought Leadership, Marketing and Content Services provider for organizations, corporates, companies, institutions and individuals.

Our Solutions usually flow out of a thought, a strategy which is poised uniquely for your vision and brand. The outreach, prospecting and targeting to customers takes shape in alignment to this thought.


THOUGHT FLOWS envisions to be your trusted partner, a confidante who will enable you to discover new worlds, new dimensions and a new world-view to achieve your goals. A go-to brand, who will create successes for your, in ways you had not imagined, before.

Aparna Shivapura

About Founder

Founder-Director @ThoughtFlows, Aparna Shivapura has two decades experience in Marketing, Branding and Content Solutions for Business and Leadership Augmentation. Aparna immensely believes in the strength and vision of a brand, which with a credible leadership and expert teams, can take an organization to new experiences and heights.

An old-school outlook that brands have to continuously create value for the customer, the idea, the story and the people then form the core circuit of her solution strategies. The portfolio of current work covers a network of partners and customers from the IT, Media, Product, Start-ups, SMB and Business Technology industry spaces. Aparna has been working in the space of Brand Development, Thought Leadership Strategy, Consultative Marketing, Personal Branding and Business Development.

Aparna is also a writer writing out features, celebrity interviews, literary works and research-based work for publications and brands. She writes on Thought Leadership, Marketing Trends, Health, Fitness, Wellness and Alternative Medicine, Culture & Art. She has been researching and developing content in the Carnatic Classical Music space too, and working with Ananya, a flagship organization dedicated to the development of Carnatic Classical Music in India.

Aparna Shivapura is also a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Using NLP Techniques and Core Principles, Aparna will help you steer your journey towards new horizons. NLP is a unique field of study that helps individuals and companies qualitatively enhance their productivity and self-development goals. Aparna has been trained from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, which provides alternative and integrated approaches to personal development and self growth.

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